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Morning Rituals Rope Incense: Scent & Stone Custom Duo (Green Box)

Morning Rituals Rope Incense: Scent & Stone Custom Duo (Green Box)

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Embrace the Serenity of the Himalayas:

Welcome to a world where ancient tradition meets mindful living. Our rope incense, handcrafted in the sacred lands of Nepal, brings a piece of this revered region into your home. Nepal, not just home to Mount Everest but also the birthplace of Gautama Buddha in Lumbini, boasts a rich heritage of incense craftsmanship spanning thousands of years. As you light our incense, let each aromatic whiff transport you to these holy mountains, enhancing your meditation, yoga, or any spiritual practice, and imbuing your space with the tranquility of this sacred place.

Transform Your Space with Our Customizable Duo Set!

Choose from soul-soothing scents & energizing crystals to create your personalized haven of peace and energy. Perfect for deepening your meditation, enhancing yoga sessions, or simply setting a serene mood in your home.

Scents of Rope Incense:

White Sage: Removing Negative Energy
Meditation: Enhance Meditation and Yoga

Crystal Stones & Properties:

Yellow Citrine Tooth:
- Solar Plexus, Sacral Chakra
- Creativity, Productivity, Prosperity 
Clear Quartz:
- Crown Chakra
- Cleansing, Protection, Wisdom 
Desert Rose:
- Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Crown Chakra
- Third-Eye Awakening, Wisdom, Higher Self Connection 
Peach Moonstone:
- Third-Eye Chakra, Heart Chakra, Sacral Chakra

- Love, Feminine Energy, Emotional Balance 
- Crown Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra
- Soulmate Attraction, Calm, Personal Growth, Prosperity

Mix & Match One Incense & Two Crystals for Your Ideal Set!

Experience a peaceful ambiance in your own space, as you harmonize the essence of the Himalayas with your inner world. Discover the unique synergy of scent and stone in this limited edition collection. Get Yours Now and Elevate Your Sacred Space! 

Product Includes:
Handmade Green Rope Incense Box x1
Handmade 3.5" Rope Incense (approx. 38-40pcs) 
Natural Crystal Stones x2 (approx. 3-5cm)
Product of Nepal

Scent of Rope Incense
Crystal Stone #1
Crystal Stone #2
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