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Fortune Ritual Bento

Fortune Ritual Bento

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Introducing the Fortune Ritual Bento - your key to unlocking a world of wealth and prosperity like never before! Specially designed for those who crave fast money, increased income, and thriving businesses, this tantalizing crystal set is your ultimate money magnet on-the-go.

Inspired by the concept of a Japanese bento lunch box, the Fortune Ritual Bento allows you to carry your powerful crystals with you and meditate anytime, anywhere you desire. Our set combines the ancient wisdom of money-drawing witchcraft with the irresistible power of the law of attraction to create a truly enchanting money manifestation experience. Unleash your financial potential with these handpicked crystals:

  • Yellow Calcite for igniting your financial ambitions.
  • Tiger Eye to attract wealth and prosperity in abundance.
  • Amazonite with Smoky Quartz to eliminate obstacles and open doors to riches.
  • Clear Quartz to supercharge your money manifestation spells.
  • Amethyst for spiritual growth and an endless flow of abundance.

But that's not all! The Fortune Ritual Bento also comes with:

  • 2 Money magic candles, anointed with our exclusive house blend of fast money & prospect magic oil.
  • Our house blend of money magic herbs, known for their potent hoodoo money spells properties.
  • A golden ritual plate to enhance the energy of your money manifestation rituals.
  • 2 Palo Santo sticks to cleanse and purify your sacred space.
  • A transparent crystal ball stand to hold your crystal and your intention in the right place.
  • A ritual instruction card to guide you through the powerful money attraction process.

These components work in perfect harmony with your crystals to weave a mesmerizing money attraction spell. Whether you're casting a manifestation spell or seeking guidance in spells to attract money, the Fortune Ritual Bento has the power to transform your financial destiny.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to harness the power of attracting abundance. Order your Fortune Ritual Bento now and embark on a magical journey to a life filled with financial success and freedom. Wealth and prosperity are just a click away!

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