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Protection Bento

Protection Bento

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Introducing the Protection Bento - your ultimate shield against negativity and harmful energies in all aspects of your life! Inspired by the concept of a Japanese bento lunch box, this powerful crystal set allows you to carry your protective crystals with you, enabling you to meditate and absorb energy from nature anytime, anywhere. Simply find a peaceful spot outdoors, ground yourself, and release negative thoughts and energy back to the Mother of Earth.

Our Protection Bento harnesses the power of three potent crystals, carefully selected to provide you with unwavering defense and serenity:

  • Black Obsidian for banishing negative energy and forming a barrier against ill intentions.
  • Clear Quartz to amplify your protection rituals and cleanse your aura.
  • Tiger Eye for grounding and shielding you from negativity in your environment.

In addition to these powerful crystals, the Protection Bento also includes:

  • 2 protection candles, anointed with our exclusive house blend protection oil.
  • Our house blend of magic herbs, selected to fortify your protection spells and rituals.
  • A golden ritual plate to enhance the energy of your protection and banishing practices.
  • 2 Palo Santo sticks for cleansing and purifying your sacred space.
  • A ritual instruction card to guide you through your journey of safeguarding and grounding.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with casting protection spells that really work. The Protection Bento brings together the wisdom of white magic and the strength of ancient protection spells from enemies, making it an essential companion for anyone seeking psychic protection or a powerful defense spell.

These remarkable crystals, combined with the included protection tools, provide the foundation for banishing spells and home protection spells, ensuring that you are surrounded by positive energies at all times. Let the Protection Bento be your ally in overcoming challenges, combating negativity, and reclaiming control of your life.

Don't let negativity weigh you down any longer. Order your Protection Bento today and empower yourself with the tools you need to create a safer, more positive environment. 

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