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Psychic Vision Bento

Psychic Vision Bento

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Discover the mesmerizing Psychic Vision Bento, your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your clairvoyant abilities and psychic powers! Inspired by the concept of a Japanese bento lunch box, this enchanting crystal set is designed for you to carry your powerful crystals with you, allowing you to meditate and tap into your psychic abilities anytime, anywhere.

This captivating set combines the potent energies of four hand-selected crystals, each renowned for their ability to amplify psychic abilities and clairvoyance power:

  • Clear Quartz for boosting your psychic sensitivity and amplifying your intentions.
  • Amethyst to awaken your third eye chakra and increase precognition.
  • Yellow Calcite for igniting your clairvoyance healing powers and promoting psychic growth.

In addition to these guiding crystals, the Psychic Vision Bento also includes:

  • Psychic vision candles, anointed with our exclusive house blend magic oil.
  • Our house blend of psychic power herbs, carefully selected to heighten your spiritual awareness.
  • A golden ritual plate to amplify the energy of your psychic and clairvoyance rituals.
  • 2 Palo Santo sticks for purifying and cleansing your sacred space.
  • A ritual instruction card to guide you through your journey of spiritual growth and psychic development.

These components work synergistically to create a powerful energetic force, assisting you in embracing your psychic gifts and harnessing your clairvoyant potential.

But the wonders of the Psychic Vision Bento don't end there! This extraordinary set also serves as an effective chakra balancer, promoting harmony and chakra balancing throughout your energy centers. Ideal for those seeking crystal healing, reiki, or third eye meditation, the Psychic Vision Bento is your key to unlocking a deeper connection with your spirituality third eye.

Don't miss the chance to embark on a mystical journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Order your Psychic Vision Bento today and awaken the psychic powers within you. Experience the transformation as you align your chakras, amplify your clairvoyance, and transcend the limits of your psychic abilities!

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