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Serenity Eggs

Serenity Eggs

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 Serenity Eggs are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual practice or promote emotional healing and balance. With the powerful benefits of Amazonite, you can experience a deeper sense of serenity, tranquility, and peace in your life.

Benefits of Amazonite:
  • Enhances communication skills and promotes self-expression
  • Enhances intuition and psychic abilities, promoting spiritual growth and development
  • Helps promote a sense of hope and optimism, while supporting emotional healing and spiritual growth
  • Calming and soothing energy, promoting emotional balance and reducing stress

Each set includes 6 egg shaped Amazonite crystals, each standing between 55mm to 65mm tall.

Order your set of Serenity Eggs today and start experiencing the calming benefits of Amazonite for yourself!

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